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What is YOUR Love Story?

About the length of a short song, The Love Story usually serves as an introduction to your first dance. It can be read live at your wedding or played as a CD. It reads like a fairy tale, telling the story of how you met, how you fell in love, the qualities you each fell in love with and finally, how the groom popped the question. There is usually a line at the end of the story that ties the beginning to the end.


For example, there was Dave, who worked at the fire department and Shelli who worked for the police department. They met while performing their respective duties at a routine traffic accident. The wedding was attended by many law enforcement and fire department friends. Their story ended with, “And that, ladies and gentlemen is a story of two people who truly did “meet by accident.”


Another young couple met at “In & Out” a very popular burger chain in the western states. Their unique story ended with, “Most of us love In & Out, but Ryan and Jessica found love at In & Out.”


Examples used to describe the qualities you each fell in love with could include something like this from the example above about Ryan and Jessica. “For Ryan, Jessica embodied love at first sight. In a food stained apron bound with a gargantuan safety pin, this green-eyed burger flipping Goddess would be his soul mate forever and ever.”


Some stories are funny and most are cute. Some are strictly romantic and many become real tear-jerkers as some couples meet under adverse circumstances like one couple who met in the hospital emergency room. Some of them are hilariously funny. Your experience sets the tone for the story.


When it comes to creative ways to “pop the question” listen to how this tech-savvy groom-to-be expressed his intentions when he couldn’t decide on a ring. “For Valentine’s Day, Nathan gave Katrina an I-pod music and video player with their special song on it. He had downloaded pictures of ten rings that he thought would be the best candidates making it into a slide show to accompany their song. When Katrina opened her Valentine’s gift, that special song began to play and pictures of diamond wedding rings graced the little screen. While most guys propose by showing their girlfriend a ring, Nathan showed Katrina ten of them. Her eyes began to well up as she caught on. Through her tears, she noticed the back of the I-pod had an engraved inscription partially hidden by the original bar code sticker. She peeled it away to reveal those four magic words that melt a girl’s heart, “Will you marry me?”


While some proposals, like the one above, are dramatic surprise productions, maybe you’re thinking, “But my guy just asked me in the pickup truck.” Your story can be romantic too! I was faced with the task of writing something romantic for a young couple whose story was a bit lackluster. He proposed outside the car, on a mound of dirt at a construction site. But in their story that became “Overlooking the lights of the city.” Romantic lines like “With two hearts now beating as one” will give your story that warm, tingly feeling, while your very own set of circumstances and descriptive words will make it truly unique to you.


Love stories are available separately for couples not enlisting our services for their wedding. Stories are also available for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations and other special occasions. Please call for pricing.

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