Professional Standards
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Our Professional Standards at your event include but are not limited to the following:

Proper attire - We wear a Tuxedo that is clean and pressed unless you request otherwise.

Smoking - We never smoke at your event.
Eating/drinking - We don't eat or drink unless you invite us to.

Punctuality - we are set up, playing music and dressed long before your event start time.

Equipment - our systems are extremely reliable, fully digital and they look nice. (No cheesy banners here!)

Clean Music - Most objectionable lyrics are removed from our play lists just like the radio stations. You decide what is objectionable and what is not.

Business practice - We have a current business license, Chamber Of Commerce membership and a full liability insurance policy. This is just common sense for us as professionals yet most people who DJ as a hobby don't meet this criteria.

The American Disc Jockey Association is the largest trade organization for Mobile Disc Jockeys in the world.  Steve Colucci is honored to serve as the 2010 President of the largest chapter of the ADJA.